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MFW Bałtyk III virtual exhibition

Equinor and Polenergia have opened the first virtual exhibition in Poland dedicated to offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea.   

The virtual exhibition allows all stakeholders to get acquainted with the offshore wind farm project MFW Bałtyk III. The gallery contains the boards describing the basic parameters of the project, the permitting process and the environmental impact assessment procedures. It also shows how transparently all project activities are being conducted.   

The use of modern virtual tools to communicate with stakeholders is particularly important amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The exhibition also provides access to information as part of the ongoing proceedings for the issuance of a decision on environmental conditions for MFW Bałtyk III. 

View the virtual exhibition >> www.wystawa.baltyk3.pl/en

The brochure of the offshore wind farm project – MFW Bałtyk III