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Announcement on the intention to conduct a dialogue

MFW Bałtyk II sp. z o.o. and MFW Bałtyk III sp. z o.o. hereby announce their intention to conduct a dialogue with potential suppliers of materials and services for their respective offshore wind farm projects under development (respectively - MFW Bałtyk II and MFW Bałtyk III, hereinafter referred to as the "Projects"), pursuant to Article 46 of the Act of 17 December 2020 on the promotion of electricity generation in offshore wind farms ("Dialogue").

Detailed information about the Projects are presented in the Supply Chain Plans published on ERO website.

  1. Subject of the Dialogue

Electric System Infrastructure (ESI) and Onshore Substation (ONS) EPC Scope of Work:

  • System design to achieve detailed design level, including FEED and engineering design
  • High voltage apparatus for onshore substation including CCR
  • High voltage apparatus for offshore substation
  • Onshore substation EPC
  • Design, Delivery and Start-up of SCADA System
  1. Dialogue Schedule (preliminary)
  • Announcement of the intention to conduct the Dialogue ("Announcement") - 13.08.2021.
  • Issue of additional documents - up to 15 days after publication of the Announcement
  • Completion of collection of applications for the Dialogue - 12.09.2021.
  • Qualification of suppliers' applications - up to 5 days after the end of collection of applications
  • Dialogue with suppliers - within 5 days after completion of qualification of suppliers' applications
  • Distribution of invitation to tender to selected participants of the Dialogue - within 5 days from the date of the Dialogue with suppliers
  • Award of contract - January 2022
  1. Notification to the Dialogue

All companies interested in providing supplies and services within the scope compliant with the subject matter of the Dialogue may register their interest in participation in the Dialogue by emailing to gm_baltykprocurement@equinor.com by 12.09.2021.

Detailed information on the scope and format of the notification will be provided as part of the additional documents issued (point 2. Dialogue Schedule).

Any questions related to the Dialogue procedure may be directed to:

Paweł Mawduk - Local Content Project Manager - pawel.mawduk@polenergia.pl