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Wind projects in the Baltic Sea

In 2018, Equinor and Polenergia have started cooperation on the construction of two wind farms in the Baltic Sea, located about 27 and 40 km from the port of Łeba. The cooperation was organized in the following companies: Offshore Wind Farm Baltyk II (OWF Baltyk II) and Offshore Wind Farm Baltyk III (OWF Baltyk III) in which Equinor and Polenergia each hold 50% of shares. The commencement of construction is subject to obtaining the necessary permits and is planned for 2025/2026. The generation capacity from both farms is expected to be 1440 MW, which will allow more than two million households to be supplied with electricity.

The final investment decision for these projects is subject to obtaining the necessary permits and is planned for 2023 with the first power delivered to the grid in 2025.

In December 2019, Equinor acquired from Polenergia 50% shares in the third project of Offshore Wind Farm Baltyk I (OWF Baltyk I) with a planned capacity of 1560 MW.

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Wind power – the value of Polish Baltic Sea

The draft development plan for Polish maritime areas prepared by the Maritime Office in Gdynia foresees that approx. 2340 km² of land will be earmarked for offshore wind energy projects. This will allow for construction of farms with a total capacity of 8-10 GW.

In January 2020, the Polish Climate Ministry published a draft of the Offshore Wind Act. The Act includes inter alia, provisions governing the rules for investment in wind farms and requirements for the construction of projects. The entry into force of the Act will provide a solid framework for creating several dozen thousand new workplaces in the offshore wind sector in Poland.



Wind Europe – offshore wind power sector report 06-02-2020

The existing offshore wind farms have a strong position as a source of energy in Europe, their total generation capacity amounts to 20 GW. Europe has five-fold greater potential, estimated at 50 – 90 GW from new projects by 2030.

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Equinor and Polenergia commence cooperation with the Gdansk University of Technology 08-11-2019

Equinor and Polenergia have established cooperation with the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology of the Gdansk University of Technology, which as the only entity in Poland will train future personnel of the offshore wind power sector.

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